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The Importance of Social Studies For Your Child

Why does the Social Studies curriculum span across the primary and secondary school levels? At the core of the Singapore Social Studies (SS) curriculum is to prepare our children to become proud citizens of the future. SS tuition helps students to understand the interconnectedness of Singapore’s society, drawing on lessons of the past and present to teach pupils about the true meaning of our community.

Social studies aims to spark the curiosity and inquisitiveness or our children into contemporary real-life problems that we face. Through creating authentic learning experiences, SS ingrains into students a human understanding, a moral fabric, a responsibility towards society.

Ultimately, social studies tuition in Singapore creates throughtful, intelligent and critical young students who are able to adopt multiple perspectives and mature into capable members of society who passionate to contribute responsibly in the society they live in.

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History, Geography & Social Studies In the O-Levels

While social studies is seen as a recreational subject in primary schools, it is significant in the secondary years. Notably, it is compulsory to take up social studies along with either history or geography in order to pass the GCE O-levels.

Singaporeans tend to be more concerned with having o level geography tuition or history tutors rather than social studies tuition. However, the mistake lies herein.

If you’re taking combined humanities, social studies has an equal weightage with the other humanities subject (combined history or combined geography) you are taking. Yet. many students are having many hours of history or geography tuition and completely neglecting to have social studies tuition at all. Does it make logical sense to only focus on 50% of the total marks for the combined humanities subject? We bet not.

It is thus imperative that students focus on social studies tuition equally hard and put in effort to understand the subject. Hiring a social studies tutor to teach how to score well in the examinations is smarter than instead of putting 90% of their efforts in geography studies and relying on a 10% effort in social studies.

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Secondary IB, O Level Social Studies Tuition in Singapore

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