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Secondary School is an important phase of life that all of us can relate to. It is where we found some of our lifelong friends, where we made many mistakes such as disobeying our parents, disregarding teachers, and doing all sorts of silly things in the name of fun. Secondary School is where our children – your children – spend much of their teenage years, where they go through puberty and where much of their character and core values are inculcated. Coincidentally, it is also in secondary school where we take the nationwideGCE ‘O’ Level examinations, arguably the most important exam of our lives that determines the next path: JC, Poly or ITE.

‘O’ Levels is one of the hardest exams because students are made to juggle up eight to nine different subjects at once. Since the Ministry of Education (MOE) started collaborating with Cambridge in 2009, the degree of difficulty of ‘O’ Levels in Singapore has been increasing year after year. In some subjects, such as E-Math, a grade of about 90/100 is required in order to attain an A1 due to a steep bell curve.

With such high expectations coming from our education system, it is no wonder that our teenage students are buckling under the pressure. Sure, a handful of students, particularly from the elite schools, are able to stay focused and ace all their examinations. However, this simply does not happen to most students. How can you, as a parent, help your child to cope and even stay ahead of the competition?

Specializing in tuition for secondary school in Singapore, OneTutor Home Tuition Agency is the top provider of private tuition for secondary students . Be it english tuition for secondary school, secondary Maths tuition, Chinese tuition or Science tuition for secondary, we have secondary tutors who can fill the gap and provide the home tutoring your child needs. Our private tutors provide secondary tutoring for lower secondary as well as upper secondary in Amath, Emath, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Combined humanities, or any other subject your child needs.

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Why Private Secondary Tuition Over Tuition Centres?

If you’re a parent, you’ll likely be faced with this dilemma. Should you send your child to a good tuition centre for secondary students or engage a private secondary tutor? Secondary school tuition has always been one of the most popular, more so than primary or JC tuition. Why? Let’s explore three reasons:


1. Secondary students can learn themselves, and needs individual guidance rather than topic teaching from tuition centres.

Most secondary school students engage private secondary school tuition because what they need is the individual attention and guidance that a private secondary tutor can provide. Unlike primary school kids who need supervision and a stern teacher to discipline them and teach them step a-z, a secondary student needs a tutor who can increase their learning potential and teach them exam skills. Hence, 1-to-1 home tuition for secondary is preferred.

2. Our secondary tutors can accelerate your child’s grades for their upcoming examinations

The pace of learning is much faster in secondary school. With 8 or 9 subjects in O’levels, students need to use their time efficiently. 1-to1 secondary school tuition has been proven to be the most effective form of tuition. Particularly, there is a surge in demand for upper secondary tuition nearing to the O’levels, as private tutors are able to accelerate your child’s learning efforts by leveraging their experience to help your child understand concepts quickly and point out their mistakes.

​3. Secondary home tutors benefit your child in ways that transcend academics

Research has shown that a child is at his or her peak learning potential at ages 12-16. A home tutor will provide your child with fresh perspectives and unique ways of approaching different questions. A good secondary tutor will also challenge your child, helping your child to develop their critical thinking skills crucial for their transition from secondary school to adult life. Through personal guidance of a Singapore secondary tutor, your child will learn time-tested methods of learning and take away lifelong skills.

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Looking for secondary school tuition? We have the best and most experienced home tutors to provide 1-to-1 assistance in these subjects: Amath tuition, Emath tuition, Physics tuition, Chemistry tuition, Biology tuition, combined sciences, Humanities tuition, Literature, and many, many more!
​OneTutor provides only the most experienced primary tutors. We provide only the best secondary tutors who are capable to take up your secondary school tuition assignment. Have tutoring requirements? Need to specify certain timings? Only female tutors? Special needs? We have it all covered. Make a free tutor request today! We provide top quality service, completely free!

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