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The Ministry of Education (MOE) has been increasing the difficulty of the PSLEexaminations each year. What used to be in the secondary 1 or 2 syllabus is now tested in the upper primary syllabus. For instance, algebra is now being taught to 11 and 12-year-olds when previously it was only learnt in school by 14-year-old Singaporean students.

For a young child whose brain has not fully developed, learning these advanced concepts is not an easy feat. Did you know? PSLE home tuition is now more popular than O-level or A-level tuition. Parents all over Singapore are finding private psle tutors to help their child gain an advantage over their peers.

Our tuition agency provides PSLE tutors specialized in the PSLE maths tuition, science tuition, English tuition, and Chinese tuition. Our home tutors are familiar with the upper primary syllabus and PSLE exam skills necessary for your child to succeed. Our PSLE tuition rates are affordable and it’s completely free to make a tuition enquiry. What are you waiting for?

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Why PSLE Tuition in Singapore?


The Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE) is the first major hurdle your child will face in his or her academic life. It is an exam that represents a crossroad – one that will steer your child into different paths. Do well and go to a good, or even elite school, or fail badly and get into a neighborhood one.

Every parent wants their child to shine and soar in their academics. Certainly, PSLE is not the final determinant, as the Chinese saying goes, “Over a long distance, you learn about the strength of your horse.” A student who fails their PSLE can still eventually do well and pursue higher education. However, the odds are against your favour.

However, research has shown that the learning environment one is in plays a huge impact in how education turns out for a child. Being in good schools puts your child in a conducive environment to maximize their learning potential and self-esteem, making them far more likely to go further in their academic journey.

Don’t hesitate. Start Private PSLE tuition & give your child the individual guidance he or she needs in order to do well for PSLE.

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PSLE Tuition Centres or Home Tuition?


A lot of parents are tempted by the lower tuition rates offered by tuition centres. However, the fact is that there are 10 students paying the same amount as you, each getting their divided share of the tutor’s attention.

A tuition centre teacher has to concurrently teach 5-10 students, each having different abilities, learning speeds, and strengths and weaknesses. Lessons plans will be designed to fit the majority, not your child, and the tutor will be unable to properly gauge how effective each pupil is assimilating to the lessons.

With the PSLE syllabus difficult as it is, your child needs PSLE tuition precisely because their school teacher is not providing enough individual guidance. Sending your child to tuition centre is pretty much adding to their workload and giving them additional “classes” where they are faced with broad-based teaching styles and content regurgitation. What you need is one to one PSLE tuition in which the private tutor can tailor their lessons to fit the learning style, abilities, and weaknesses of your child.

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Decided to have private PSLE tuition? You’ve made the right choice, kudos to you! Whether it’s PSLE English tuition, PSLE maths tuition, PSLE Chinese tuition, or PSLE science tuition, we have an ample supply of experienced tutors who are willing to travel to your place to provide PSLE tutoring.

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