Looking for Primary School Tuition?

Singapore is known for it’s demanding and rigorous education system, consistently ranking among the top three countries in the world in the various global education surveys. Education in Singapore begins at a tender age as early as 6, where compulsory primary school education begins. Primary School is where most kids in Singapore get their first taste of the 12-year long education journey, and where the foundation of their learning habits is formed.

Would you like to give your child a head-start and boost their education? Often, a good foundation will work wonders in helping a child stay on the right track in their education. Building a good understanding of the core subjects through effective English, Maths, Science, and Chinese primary school tuition can be very important in determining whether a child’s education journey is one that is long and arduous or one that is enriching, fun and exciting.

At OneTutor Tuition Agency, we believe that primary school tuition is important. Now, imagine a 7-10-year-old child having the simultaneously study four different subjects while managing co-curricular activities, CIP, and school homework. Peer pressure and stress often prevail and it is harmful to the emotional, mental and physical health of your child. Having a good primary school tutor will help ease the journey and prepare your child to face the many challenges that lie ahead.

Be it English tuition for primary school, Math tuition for primary school, Chinese tuition for primary school, or Science tuition for primary school, OneTutor is the solution to your problems. We’re a reputed brand in the field of tuition education and strives to be the most efficient, effective, and easy tuition agency in Singapore, making finding home tuition a piece of cake.

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Tuition Centres or Home Tuition For Primary School?

Should you hire a tuition centre for your young child?

No matter how good a tuition centre is for primary school students, it will never match up to private tuition!

There are 3 reasons why you absolutely need private tuition for primary school:


1. 1-to-1 Primary Tuition Gives Your Child 100% Attention & A Conducive Learning Environment

Many students cannot learn well in a group environment, especially if your child is more hyper-active and can’t sit still for a bit when other children are around. If your primary school kid is not doing well in school, why send him or her to a tuition centre where the environment is no different from teaching school classes?

2. Private Primary Tutors Help Your Child Gain A Competitive Edge.

Without a private primary school tutor to help teach and guide your child, you are leaving your child to cope with the extremely demanding school curriculum all alone. It is a tall order to keep up with their peers, especially when more students are seeking home tuition in Singapore. You want your child to perform even better and have that competitive edge over their peers. Every parent wants their child to succeed. Why shortchange your own child? Your child has to fight for the tutor’s attention with 9 other kids in a tuition centre while someone else’s child is having 100% attention of a primary school tutor.

​3. Your Primary Child Will Form A Good Learning Habit From Young

You are a working parent and your busy life leaves little time to personally teach your child how to form good learning habits and how to cope with their homework and school assignments. A good private tutor’s focused attention is invaluable. They can teach your child proper study methods and personal habits to pick up which will bring them far in life, beyond primary school education.

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Find Experienced Home Tutors For Primary School​!

Looking for primary school tuition? We have the best and most experienced home tutors for primary school, providing 1-to-1 assistance in subjects: English tuition, Chinese tuition, Maths tuition, and Science tuition. Our tutors will guide your child all the way till their PSLE!

​OneTutor provides only the most experienced primary tutors.


We have a large pool of home tutors, ranging from Part-Time tutors to Full-Time tutors, ready to take up your primary school tuition assignment.

With our home tuition, your child will benefit tremendously from one-to-one tuition. We believe that every child is unique in their way of learning and that individual attention is crucial in helping your child to strength their understanding, evoke their interest in the subject, and gain a comprehensive picture of the curriculum.

Primary home tuition is available all year round, offering a great degree of flexibility to parents and students, even on holidays and school breaks, so that your child can stay ahead of the pack and learn ahead of the class. This enables your child to outperform and learn at an accelerated pace in class. Our tuition agency also offers our clients many benefits, such as cancellations and requests for new tutors at any time during the tuition period.

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