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Why Study Principles of Accounting (POA)?

POA provides students with a strong basic understanding of financial concepts and an appreciating for the discipline of accounting. Your child will learn accounting concepts are grounded in concise preparation, meticulous presentation, clear communication, and ethical conduct, developing these values in their character.

In other words, students who work hard and master the POA syllabus 2015 will learn the following values:

• integrity and objectivity
• social responsibility, through the context of accounting and how it can affect users of financial information
• being logical, methodical, consistent and accurate
• being interested in accounting and aware of further pathways in accounting

Hence, it is a subject that is not only pragmatic but instills skills and values to accounting students that are of increasing value in the complex modern business world.

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Benefits of Hiring A POA Tutor in Singapore

If you’ve allowed your child to take up Principles of Accounting as a subject in school, you’ve made the right choice. However, POA is a subject that your child is not exposed to, unlike mathematics and sciences. Your child needs POA tuition more than maths tuition! Furthermore, as it is a humanities subject, self-study is not always an option.

Private accounting tutors in Singapore will be able to provide effective 1-to-1 POA tuition, explaining accounting concepts in a fun manner and helping your child to make sense of this foreign subject.

It cannot be stressed enough the importance of having the right POA tutor. An experienced accounting tuition teacher will review your child’s level of mastery, teach him effective learning methods, provide extra practices which are crucial for success in the subject, help him with homework, and most importantly, give him or her confidence.

Ultimately, with our affordable POA tuition rates, utilizing private POA tuition in Singapore will save parents a lot of time and effort, and create hardworking tutees who have a stronger drive to do well and score an ‘A1’ in POA.

POA tutors are in high demand in Singapore, due to the relatively low supply of good poa tutors. If you’ve been considering whether to hire POA tutors, do consider requesting a POA tutor early in the year. If you’ve waited until September of October, chances are there will be few qualified POA tutors Singapore who will be able to take up your POA tuition assignment!

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POA Tuition Singapore for PSLE, O-Level or A-Level

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