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Secondary O-Level, IP, & IB Physics Tuition

“The ‘O’ level physics syllabus provides students with a coherent understanding of energy, matter, and their interrelationships”, according to SEAB.

Taking secondary school physics is a wise choice, as physics is a very hands-on and practical subject that is a worthwhile educational experience, whether or not your child pursues a physics major in the future.

Studying physics at this level provides your child with a basic understanding of the physical world around them, stimulates their interest in scientific matters, and equips them with better skills and abilities to help them efficiently manuevour themselves through everyday life.

If your child is struggling in physics in secondary school, you need to seriously consider hiring physics tuition. We offer affordable physics tuition for secondary, as well as for IP and IB physics.

A good Singapore physics tutor will help your child familiarize with the syllabus by going through the textbook, explaining concepts and helping your child to make physics notes, which are crucial to learning. Further, experienced physics tutors may create data booklets and question banks, teach your child how to use wikipedia, and go through past papers for physics with your child. Hire a physics tutor today and ensure that your child will excel in his O-level physics examinations!

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Junior College (JC) A-Level H1/H2 Physics Tuition


With new concepts such as circular motion and quantum physics, physics in JC is significantly harder to understand and grasp than O level physics. Furthermore, the neck-breaking pace of lectures and physics tutorials make it extremely hard for jc physics students to keep up with even filling in their physics lecture notes!

As a matter of fact, with the h2 physics syllabus being especially heavy, hiring a Singapore tutor for h2 physics tuition has become almost a necessity rather than a luxury! These days, parents are even finding our physics tutors to tutor their child in h1 physics tuition.

OneTutor tries our best to meet every single physics tutor request. As we truly understand the grave importance of every week and month that is used in the hectic 2-year JC journey, we place utmost care in choosing the most qualified physics tutors in Singapore to give A-level physics tuition to your child.

Our A-level physics tutors are well equipped with the h1/h2 physics syllabus and are able to provide your child with notes, formula sheets, and promo papers if requested. If your JC kid needs physics help, look no further than us for good, reliable physics tutoring!

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Excellent 1-to-1 Private Physics Tutors in Singapore


OneTutor Tuition Agency is the number 1 online portal to find private physics tutors in Singapore. We produce hundreds of physics tutor jobs each month, attracting maths and physics tutors to apply to our tuition assignments. Hence, we have a large pool of well-trained private physics tutors to meet your needs for physics tuition.

We trust that you’ll make the right decision to choose the right tuition agency for physics tutors. Whether you’re looking for pure physics, combined physics, or h1/h2 physics tuition, we’ll be able to meet your tutoring requirements and find a physics tutor for you within a short time frame. Why not give us a try and send in a quick tutor request now?

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