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Every year, the Ministry of Education (MOE) has made the GCE Ordinary level Examinations tougher. It is already very tough for 15-year-olds to learn 8 or 9 different subjects, ranging from physics, chemistry, biology sciences to history, geography and even principles of accounts. Furthermore, what used to be taught in sec 3 is now taught in sec 1, and upper secondary students are learning advanced concepts previously taught in higher levels. No wonder your secondary 3-4 child is struggling in school.

The academic focus in Singapore is undeniable, and the O levels is a crucial deciding factor on whether your child ends their 12-16 year academic journey as a university graduate or not. Doing well in the GCE O levels allows your child to have the privilege of choice to decide whether to go to a Junior College (JC) or a local Polytechnic.
Having stellar O level results allows your child to enter better JCs such as RJC, HCJC, NJC, VJC which increases their chances of making it into university. However, even if you are aiming for a polytechnic course, some polytechnic courses such as International Business require an L1R5 of 8 and below these days!

Considering O level tuition? Our tuition agency provides O level tutors specialized in the all subjects (A maths, E maths, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, History, Geography, Social Studies, Literature, POA, Chinese, Malay, Tamil etc). Our home tutors have familiarized themselves with the O level syllabus and exam techniques necessary for your child to do well. Moreover, it’s completely free to make a tuition enquiry!

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O Level Tuition Centres or Home Tuition


Singaporean parents looking for O level tuition for their child often are misguided by the cheaper tuition rates offered by o level tuition centres. However, they forgot the fact that tuition centres often utilise group tuition, which means that there are 5 to 10 other students paying the same tuition fee that you are paying for one single tutor.

With multiple students to cater to, tuition centre teachers are never able to customise their O level tutoring to a single student. They have to measure the average student’s learning capability and design the lesson plan in that way. This means that lessons plans are designed to fit the majority, not your teenager, and the teacher will be unable to properly gauge how your child is learning during these costly tuition classes.

​Conversely, a private o level tutor will give your child 100% focused attention. The pace of lessons, subject content, teaching style, level of difficulty, and exam techniques taught will be exactly suited for your child’s learning needs. 1-to-1 O level tuition has been proven to be much more effective than o level tuition centres and only slightly more costly most of the time.

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Have you decided on private O level tuition for your child? Congratulations, you’ve made the correct decision! Whether it’s O level E/A maths tuition, English tuition, Chinese or higher Chinese tuition, or tuition of any sciences or humanities, we have an large supply of affordable, capable tutors who are available to travel to your home to provide O level tutoring.

The DP programme is probably OneTutor is the No.1 trusted O-level tuition agency in Singapore. Experienced tutors? Yes. Low tuition rates? Check. Tutor request free? Bingo. Customer service? The best, no less! Make a tutor request today find the best O level tuition in Singapore!

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