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Why Is Maths Tuition Singapore So Popular?


If you speak to other parents, you may come to a realization that for young children, getting started in math can be particularly difficult. It is thus important to help your child develop a strong interest and solid understanding of the basics of maths.

There is simply no escape as maths is a compulsory subject. Furthermore, Math is a complex subject that requires great understanding of the fundamental concepts, without which it is just another confusing part of the curriculum for your child. Mathematical concepts are often built upon each other and used in conjunction to solve real world problems. Hence, there is a need for a strong and solid foundation in the subject, esepcially in psle maths tuition where a young child’s foundation is weak and in higher levels such as h2 maths tuition.

A good math tutor in Singapore can help simplify the subject for your child, and explain the concepts in a fun manner. This helps your child to develop a strong sustainable interest in math and as a result, do well in their examinations on in time to come. Thus, it is advisable to hire math tutors from a reliable maths tuition agency in Singapore.

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3 Reasons You Need A Singapore Maths Tutor

If you’ve tried numerous solutions and even the best math tuition centre in Singapore cannot help your child improve, consider that when a private maths tuition teacher provides quality private maths tutoring to your child, he or she receives focused 1-to-1 attention, which is something that cannot be achieved in any classroom setting. Furthermore, here are 3 reasons you’ll need maths tuition.

1. According to MOE, Math is the key foundation for Science and technical competency at higher levels. Hence, a lot of emphasis is placed on math competency.

2. All students have to take and pass mathematics. Especially in O levels, a student might take A Math and E math which accounts for TWO subjects.

3. Mathematics is a highly competitive subject. Students can spend a significantly larger portion of their studies focusing on maths. Competition to score As in maths is the toughest amongst all subjects in the PSLE, O level, and especially A levels H2 Maths Tuition.

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We have a stringent selection process for our math tutors. Before recommending a math tutor, we phone interview them and make sure that our maths tutors are confident and able to meet your child’s unique requirements. We also allow parents to personally make a phone interview to our math tutors.
In some cases for important assignments, we have requested our mathematics tutors to turn up at the client’s house for a personal interview before the tuition assignment.

OneTutor values your child’s education, and we strive to do what we can to ensure that all our maths home tutors have the capability to help your child improve and perform well in examinations. If you are looking for a an experienced private math tutor to give your child the specialised individual attention that he or she needs, look no further!

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