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Why Enrol For Malay Tuition?

Malay is a national language in Singapore. But that is not all. It also has an official status in countries like Brunei, Malaysia, and Indonesia, and is spoken by at least 270 million people.

Wouldn’t you want to learn the language to be able to interact with your clients when you make a business trip to Malaysia for instance? A 30-minute or even an hour lesson with a Malay tutor or at Malay tuition centre in Singapore is a good start to having a complete command of the language.

Moreover, there are a number of advantages to learning your mother tongue. First of all, learning Malay affords us the opportunity to communicate freely without any fear of language barrier, even across borders. In addition, according to the UNESCO, children learn better in their mother tongue. And teaching yourself or your child to speak Malay is a necessary step to preserving your mother tongue from extinction.

Every language is embedded with the culture of the people. Signing up for Malay tuition will teach you not only the Malay language, but also the culture. So whether you are Malay or even a foreigner who wants to learn Malay, you can learn Malay at the basic conversational level, for business purposes or even prepare for an international language proficiency test.

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How to Get The Best Malay Tuition in Singapore

The most effective way to learn Malay is by taking lessons in the language from a qualified Malay tutor. However, finding a suitable Malay tutor can be challenging. You need to hire a Malay tutor that cannot only teach the language but is also flexible enough to adapt to your timetable.

If you are a parent seeking to coach your child in Malay, the best advice is to hire a Malay tutor instead. Parents typically have a busy schedule. They have to manage work and taking care of the kids, helping the kids with school work, among others. In this scenario, hiring a good Malay Tutor is definitely the best and easiest route to learning and mastering Malay in Singapore.

In addition, unless you are parent with specific formal education in the Malay language, getting a Malay tutor that is equipped with effective teaching methodologies and is conversant with the current Malay MOE syllabus gives the best returns for your money.

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Lowest Malay Tuition Rates in Singapore

Are you ready to start your Malay tuition? OneTutor is able to find you the best Malay tutors in Singapore. Our Malay tutors are very qualified and experienced in the teaching the language. In addition to being able to deploy the best and most suitable teaching methodologies to help you grasp the language faster, they can also work with your schedule and learning style to ensure you get the best out of every lesson.

With a OneTutor Malay tutor, you will better appreciate the Malay dialects and the growing popularity of the language. Signing up with OneTutor means you will get one-on-one Malay private tutoring irrespective of your location in Singapore. Our tutors are also patient, courteous and friendly and will go the extra mile to ensure you learn Malay without stress.

So, wait no more. Register for Malay tuition now and never lose touch of your mother tongue again.


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