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Literature as a O-Level Humanities Subject


Literature is a compulsory subject for lower secondary students, hence our young children are exposed to literature at a young age of 13-14. Usually, literature is not a big problem at this level as it is relatively easy – as long as students have good command of the English language, they should be able to pass their Literature.

At the upper secondary level, every student is required to take as least one or more humanities subjects in order to sit for their GCE O’levels. Students have a choice between geography, history or literature. No doubt, literature is the least picked out of the three. This is partly because of students’ interest but also because few students have the confidence to excel in it.

One of the most popular literature writers is William Shakespeare. He is also widely considered a student’s worst nightmare. The way sentences are structured and phrased in Literature can be mind-boggling for someone who does not have a strong foundation or a literature tutor to guide them. There was once a student who after 2 years still could not differentiate between “thy” and “thou”!

Literature teachers in school might not always be able to explain everything due to the time constraints and having too many students. If your child is not excellent in his or her command of the English language, it is very likely that they will face some difficulty in scoring As in their literature without literature tuition. A good literature tutor will be able to deconstruct complex sentences, uncover hidden poetic meanings in literary texts, and teach your child strategic ways to answer exam questions, helping your child to get that A he or she deserves!

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A-Levels H1/H2 Literature Tuition

A-level literature kicks things up a notch. It’s not just harder than O-level literature – literature at the JC-level is known to be “10 times” tougher than IB Lit papers.

Just glancing through the literature syllabus stated on SEAB, one would know that H1/H2 literature is extremely demanding.

The worst part is that the subject which needs tuition the most is the most difficult to match. Why? In other humanities tuition like H2 history tuition, the same set of materials can be used for all H2 history students from different Junior Colleges across the island. However, since different schools uses different text, in literature tuition the tutor has to revise and read through to fully understand the particular book or literary work in order to be able to tutor the student.

Students from different JCs may use completely different texts, various text options and answering styles. All it takes is for a literature tutor to teach 3 students and they will be inundated with more than 10 different books concurrently!

Doing well in literature at the A-levels requires a number of skills. If you’re lucky enough to find a tutor for private literature tuition, consider yourself fortunate. Good tutors will be able to teach your child how to engage in interpretation, taking into account the political and culture context and history of the time to construct insights, ideas and interpret meanings. Under good literature tuition, your child will finally be able to apply the right literary theories essential to scoring As in each paper.

Have you heard of close reading? It’s a special skill which students who do well in literature possess. If your child masters close reading, he or she will be able to read a particular text and decipher meanings which other students cannot see. This is the true mark of an ‘A’ student.

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