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Junior College (JC) is a two-year academic course that is certainly not an easy one. JC students face tremendous pressure because choosing to go down the A level path ultimately leads to only one destination; make it to university or end up nowhere.

Unlike our counterparts in Polytechnics who will graduate with a diploma, A-level holders don’t have much choices when it comes to job prospects. Any JC student that does not make it for university will end up nowhere. This is the scary truth that goes through every JC student’s head.

If you’re considering having private JC tuition today, you’ve come to the right page. OneTutor Home Tuition Agency provides free, personalised tutor-matching services. We are able to find out exactly what your child needs and provide you with recommended private tutors who are able to help your child succeed in any JC subject they are struggling in.

Whether you’re looking for long-term tuition or a short-term crash course, we have experienced tutors ready to provide 1-to-1 JC tuition for all subjects, including GP, H1/H2 maths tuition, sciences (physics, biology, chemistry), humanities (history, literature, economics), and more.

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Why Private JC Tuition Over Tuition Centres?


Indeed, the options for JC tuition in Singapore varies widely. There are plenty of JC tuition centres around, as well as tuition agencies which provide private tutors. Generally, tuition centres are slightly cheaper, but apart from that, having private JC tuition has many advantages over a tuition centre.

At a tuition centre, your child often has to travel to the centre. The journey can take between 15 minutes to an hour. A JC home tutor will instead cater to your convenience and travel to your doorstep. These precious minutes saved could go a long way towards study and rest for your child.

Moreover, while tuition centres might be more fun with other students around, the actual teaching and guidance your child receives from the JC teacher conducting the class is much less as compared to in a private tuition, where the tutor gives 100% attention to your child.

As the degree of difficulty in A levels is increasing each year, the questions and concepts required are getting more and more complex. Rather than have tuition centre classes where even more raw content is piled onto your suffocating child, get a good JC tutor can help to explain to your child how exactly to analyse and work around problems, and also pinpoint the mistakes in the methodology of your child. This can only be achieved in a one to one setting. Choosing private JC tuition is a good choice for your child.

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Our tutors can teach JC level subjects including H1/H2 Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, History, Geography, GP, CLL, Chinese, Literature, Knowledge & Inquiry, and more.

We have the most qualified JC tutors to provide 1-to-1 assistance in these subjects.

Is your child failing badly in JC? Don’t fret, it’s normal. Let us help you by finding you suitable JC tuition according to your budget and tutoring preferences for your JC tuition assignment.


Have JC tutoring requirements? Need to specify days and timings? Only male tutors? Special needs? We have you set and ready to go. Our service is forever free.

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