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Why IP Tuition in Singapore?

This is fantastic, but there is a little challenge here. The IP syllabus is usually harder and sometimes different depending on the specific IP School. In addition, finding suitably qualified and experienced tutors who are familiar with and can handle the specific syllabus of each school can be very difficult.

But not to worry though, OneTutor always got you covered! We offer a flexible and comprehensive tuition for IP students in Singapore. We recognize that IP syllabuses vary per school and have gone out of our way to hire tutors who are familiar and teach every syllabus irrespective IP school.

So whether your child attends Dunman High School or even Raffles Girls School, we have qualified IP tutors who can teach the specific syllabus and help your child pass his ‘A’ Levels examination in flying colors!

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Scope and Structure of Our IP Home Tuition

OneTutor’s IP tuition is structured to accommodate your child’s schedule and his/her school’s IP syllabus. We also offer private tuition lessons which cater to IP students who attend the same IP school and use same syllabus, so you can be rest assured that your child will be attending tailored and productive IP lessons both in terms of pace and depth of syllabus content.

• IP English Tuition
During your IP English Tuition, our tutors will cover: comprehension answering techniques, summary writing tips, techniques and practices, narrative, expository, discursive, argumentative essay writing techniques and tips, application Question (AQ) critical questioning and reflection techniques, oral skills/Speech tests/Public Speaking & Presentation Techniques, current affairs etc.

• IP Math Tuition
During your IP Math tuition, our mathematics tutor will equip your child with the math knowledge and skills to not just ace the IP math exam, but also to lay a solid foundation for A Levels H2 Maths. Topics that will be covered includes but is not limited to, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Sequence & Series, Function & Calculus, Discrete Mathematics, Statistics etc.

• IP Chemistry Tuition
OneTutor hires the best IP Chemistry tutors in Singapore. Our goal? Simple. To help your child succeed in chemistry. Some of the core areas of study in this course include: Principle of Chemistry, Chemistry of the Elements, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, and Chemistry in Society etc.

• IP Physics Tuition
Let’s face it; IP Physics is not on the same level as ‘O’ Level physics. IP Physics syllabus is broader and requires that students be taught to understand and appreciate the concepts and also be able to solve the unorthodox questions set in exams. We have qualified IP physics tutors who have specially crafted study notes to bring out the best in your child.

• IP Science Tuition
Our IP Science Tuition teachers can cover Sec 1 to Sec 6 and different syllabuses depending on the school. It is important for experienced science tutors to understand and have a scientific and customized pedagogical approach to teaching IP science. We source for qualified science teachers with excellent track records, up-to-date materials, and rigorous preparations to teach your child.

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