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Taking History as a Humanities Subject in O-Levels

Why is history important? There is much debate on which is more useful – the past, the present, or the future. There is no doubt that our society would not have evolved without scientific advancements. However, maintaining a successful society in the present and in the future requires careful consideration of the past.

History allows us to examine and learn from mistakes of those who came before us, and learn to anticipate and create a better future. The relevance of history should not be questioned.

Taking humanities at a young age helps young students to draw connections between present and past, understanding why society is formed in certain ways, and gain broader perspectives on other cultures. These are all valuable in helping your child to become a balanced, discerning, inquisitive, sympathetic and knowledgeable adult in the future.

If you’re considering O-levels history tuition, our team of qualified history tutors will be able to provide your child with well-crafted history tutoring to help your child gain an interest in the subject and do well in his or her examinations.

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Private Tutors For H1/H2 History In The A-Levels

History is certainly not an easy humanities subject. Once you are in Junior College (JC), the standard expected out of history students become much higher. First, one is expected to have knowledge. Second, a critical understanding of historical issues. Third, the ability to interpret sources and construct logical arguments.

This includes being able to memorize large amounts of historical facts and content, having a deep understanding of the complexities of historical themes within different periods and societies, and having the writing skills to present well-constructed essays.

With so many skills needed, a private history tutor will certainly come in handy. Imagine where your child will be without any sort of individual assistance, without a an experienced a level history tutor teaching them how to walk? A good humanities tutor will teach your child how to interpret data sources, create mind maps, construct proper history essays, and more. This will ensure that your child makes the most out of their history tuition and does well in their examinations.​

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IP, IB, O-Level or A-Level History Tuition Singapore

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