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The Practical Usefulness of Being Good at English

English is arguably the most important subject in Singapore because it is the medium of instruction in all levels of education. We have witnessed many students struggle in Math and Science due to their lack of a strong foundation in English. Moreover, being able to read and write well in the English language will not only help your child in his academic career, but it will benefit them for a lifetime as they are able to become better communicators and thus command greater positions in their respective careers and personal life.

Students in the Art Stream have also come to realize that a strong command of the English language will give them a huge advantage in humanities subjects such as Economics, History, Geography, and Literature. For Junior College students, one of the most difficult subjects to score an A in is General Paper (GP). And we all know that GP is compulsory for university admission! If you or your child is not proficient in English, the benefits of having a good English tutor in Singapore heavily outweighs the cost.

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The Importance of Having A Private English Tutor


When it comes to English mastery, to make matters worse, the prevalence of social media and the inherent Singlish culture of Singaporeans are causing today’s younger generation to have a high exposure to improper slang language. Things has gotten to a point where English teachers are complaining that students are using ‘Singlish’ in their school English assignments,
and parents are often encouraged to force their children to speak in proper English at home. All these culminate to the result that English tuition in Singapore is becoming more than necessary, and there is an increasing demand for private English tutors in Singapore.

Unfortunately, a good English tutor is really hard to find. An English tutor has a huge range of responsibilities; they should be able to teach proper grammar and vocabulary, guide the student to write great essays, explain how to evaluate and tackle challenging comprehension questions, develop critical thinking, equip the student with the ability to express one’s unique point of view, and the list goes on…

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OneTutor Tuition Agency aims to be the best Singapore English tuition agency. Our efficient system and fair commission allows us to grow a large pool of English tutors in order to cater to the growing demand for private English tutors in Singapore. We strive to be the best provider of private English tutors in Singapore and to be the standard for Singapore English tuition.

OneTutor realizes that some parents may feel that English is an easy subject and that their child does not need English tuition. They choose instead to focus on more technical subjects such as Science and Math. This is a common mistake and in years to come, they often realize that their child is unable to comprehend many things due to their poor command of English. We believe that having a strong command of English will serve to put one in a huge advantage over their peers not only in their education but for a lifetime!

OneTutor is your choice when it comes to Singapore English Tuition. We strive to be the best and most reliable provider of English tutors in Singapore. Find yours now in a matter of hours!

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