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Why Have A-Level Tuition in Singapore?

Students have complained that the A-levels in Singapore is ridiculously difficult. Did you know? The MOE & SEAB partners with the University of Cambridge to come up with A level papers in Singapore, making it much more difficult that the standard A-levels tested in the UK.

Each year, the level of difficulty increases, especially with many foreign scholars coming in to fight for limited university places in NTU, NUS, & SMU. Many local students have worked extremely hard for two years and still failed to ace their A-level exams.

These days, having private A level tuition is almost a given, as students find it nearly impossible to keep up with the pace of the curriculum taught in JCs. Our JC students often tell us that they attend lectures only to “fill in the blanks” in their lecture notes and consult their private A-level tutor to explain the concepts. Without private A level tuition, your child may be at a big disadvantage compared to their peers.

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A Level Tuition Centres or Private Tuition?

Should you enrol your child in an A-level tuition centrein Singapore? Certainly, tuition centres are usually slightly cheaper in terms of the tuition rates for A-levels. However, in terms of effectiveness for your child, having private A level tuition has far more benefits.

No matter how good an A-level tuition centre teacher is, they cannot give your child 100% of their attention or customise lesson plans, teaching style, and curriculum according to your child’s preferences. This is because they have to take into consideration the other 9 students in their tuition centre class.

In comparison, having private 1-to-1 A-level home tuition provdes your child with a dedicated private tutor, who can focus entirely on your child. The tutor can plan the tuition sessions to teach your child in areas they are weak at, and focus on their upcoming tests and exams to make sure your child is keeping up. With this focused attention, the tutor can also pinpoint specific learning techniques and give advice to help your child reach their potential. At OneTutor, we firmly believe that home tuition is the best for your child.

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Decided to find 1-to-1 A Level Tuition for your child? Whether it’s A Level H2 Maths, Physics, Chemistry, or H1 History, Geography, GP and what-not, we have qualified A-level tutors who can teach all subjects!

Thousands of parents have trusted us with their A-level tuition assignment we never disappoint. With our friendly tuition coordinators who are eager to serve and our large database of affordable, capable A-level tutors, it’ll be an easy task to find a suitable tutor to travel to your home and provide effective A level tutoring for your child.

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